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I’m Elisabeth! I am a Beauty Blogger (Everything & Nothin‘ & Beauty Experiments) who is passionate and determined to help beauty and fashion bloggers contact and connect with their dream brands.

You are totally in the right place if you are looking to connect with brands and have no idea how. You are also in the right place if you have worked with brands, but aren’t getting paid/getting paid to little. I want to share all my secrets for working with brands and landing awesome sponsorships for your site.

I Am Here To Help You Connect With Brands 

Let me guess! You see all these famous beauty and fashion bloggers/vloggers working with amazing companies. You have stalked their sites, watched their videos, practiced all their tutorials, and are now ready to do it yourself. You know you have mad beauty/fashion skills and want to share them with the world. You dream of working with companies and possibly even having your own beauty/fashion line.

I was right there with you 2 years ago. I knew I loved the beauty world and had a ton of valuable information to share. However, I didn’t know where to start. I knew I wanted to start a blog to share my love for beauty and beauty subscription boxes. And guess what?! I DID IT! I never imagined I would be where I am at now. Blogging has truly changed my life. I have received so many amazing opportunities that would never have happened if I didn’t take a chance on myself.

Having great content really is key

I didn’t start my blog believing that I would get to work with so many brands. And you shouldn’t! If your sole purpose of blogging is to work with top brands, you are going to be disappointed. You need to be totally passionate about your love for fashion/beauty. Brands will see your passion and will be 100% more likely to want to work with you. Let your passion and personality sparkle throughout your posts. It really is true what they say…Having great content really is key!

Working with brands is a huge perk in blogging. I am sure you want to know how to find brands to work with and what to say when contacting them. You may have brands contacting you already wanting to work with you. However, you are unsure if they are really legit. Or you would like to know how to ask them for more than they SEEM to want to give. You also may have never had a brand contact you and are wondering if your blog is ready for that step.

 I want to show you EXACTLY how to find brands that want to work with you. I want to work right next to you as you send brands your pitch. 

This is where I come in! I want to show you EXACTLY how to find brands that want to work with you. I want to work right next to you as you send brands your pitch. And I totally want to be dancing and high-fiving you (virtually…of course) when you nail the pitch and land sponsored posts. You really can do this and I want to support you throughout the process.

Sure you can contact brands on your own. However, I want to share all my secrets with you and guide you on exactly what to do. I have spent hours and a lot of money researching brand relationships. I don’t want you wasting your time and money with methods that don’t work. I want to save you from all that stress. I wish I would have had a partner by my side when I was first working with brands. And I want to be that partner to you!

I don’t want you wasting your time and money with methods that don’t work. 

If you are sitting there thinking, “OMGSH YES I want to work with brands and I totally need your support,” I got you! Head over to the WORK WITH ME section and sign up for your FREE 15-minute consultation. I would love to chat with you and determine the best plan of action for you! Let’s Do This!!!

Some Fun Facts About Me

  • I love snakes and spiders (I know I am weird…but I promise I am not crazy)
  • I am a total science nerd (I have a pre-med degree)
  • I love to dance around to my favorite songs (by myself, of course)
  • I am a terrible singer (No really, I am so bad. I totally should have tried out for American Idol as on of those awful singers…you know the ones you really wanted to see)
  • I love to travel. I hope to eventually see all 50 US states, Egypt, China, India, Europe, Austrailia, and at least one South American country.

Want To Chat Or Have Questions?

Feel Free To Contact Me! Simply, fill out the form to the side or email me: I seriously love to chat and I respond to all my emails. I am happy to answer any questions you have about my services or me. Or if you just want to chat about blogging, I am totally up for that too. Just want to say hey or found something of interest…Let me know!

Seriously, yo’… I love to talk and I promise I won’t bite! tongue-out